Team data and dashboards can be misused and cause more pain than results. Having the team run blind to its historical data though is often worse, with solely opinions and gut-feel driving process change. Helping your teams see and understand a holistic balance of their data will give your coaching advice context and encourage team constant improvement through experiments and reflection. Coaching dashboards are about balancing trade-offs. Trading something your team is great at for something they want (or need) to improve. Having the team complete the feedback loop and confirm than an experiment had the intended impact, will process improvement be continuous and sustainable.

This session shows how to expose data to teams in order for them to retrospect productively, determine if a process experiment is panning out as expected, and to vigorously explore process change opportunities. Recent research shows strong relationships of certain metrics to process and practices, and this session demonstrates how these metrics have and can be tied to timely coaching advice.

The real-world dashboards demonstrated in this session show most common problems and how to avoid them with before and after shots and quotes from the teams impacted by them.

In this session you will –
* Learn how you can not only gather data, but use it to improve the process, with examples!
* Learn how your can tie data insights to coaching advice (data driven coaching)
* Learn how you can detect, predict and avoid data gaming and dashboard misuse
* Learn from my mistakes, and mistakes I’ve seen others with real examples of Agile coaching dashboards (good and bad)

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