Data projects often come with the perception that they are lengthy and expensive endeavors, which is an issue when speed-to-market is critical to business success. In an age where data is everything, how do you ensure projects are delivered both on-time and with the highest quality?

Come see how Nationwide Insurance has combined the best practices found in Agile, Lean, and Extreme Programming to deliver data integration projects faster, cheaper, and with higher quality. Topics to be covered include:

— Learn how to achieve smaller, incremental delivery while navigating the waters of big business process.
— Give the customer exactly what they want by tearing down the walls between IT and Business.
— Follow the life of a story card as it enters the development life-cycle, using Cucumber and Rspec to test drive our application.
— Discover how blending the lines between development and testing results in increased productivity and team capability.
— Solve the headaches found during upgrades and regression testing through continuous integration.

See all this and more as Nationwide Insurance shows you what we think is the correct way to deliver data!

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