Effective customer feedback is both critical to adapting to customer needs yet elusive to capture well. Blundering into customer feedback activities continues to be a weakness in many Agile implementations. How do you ensure you identify the right customers, get customers to feedback sessions, and capture the most effective feedback? Keep in mind that without effective customer feedback, inspect and adapt becomes moot. How can you elevate the game? This session will help you establish a Customer Vision focused on gaining the elusive customer feedback. It will help you identify customer types via personas for your product, service, or value stream. It will help you incorporate customer types into the way you capture requirements. It will help you identify the various types of customer feedback loops that can be used. It will help you determine strategies to get customers to your feedback sessions. You will be armed with a framework for establishing a customer feedback vision with ways to get to more effective customer feedback leading to products and solutions that more closely align with customer needs. Instead of barely hitting the broad side of the “customer” barn, wouldn’t you rather hit the “customer” bullseye?

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