For many Agile teams, delivering software is the end of a journey. We ship one feature, have a beer, and move on to the next highest feature on the product backlog.

However, shipping software is simply the beginning. Several studies cite that users on average use less than 30% of the features in a software application, yet our goals and metrics seem more aligned with shipping more features. Agile teams talk more about increasing throughput or reducing cycle time than building features that better engage with their users, so in some ways, Agile has actually accelerated the pace of ‘feature-itis.’

This talk introduces practices to shift an organization’s focus and process from simply building features quickly to building the right features quickly. We’ll discuss how to build and ship features smarter by combining insight with actions to increase feature adoption and better meet customer needs. We’ll introduce techniques to collect data — lots of data — on user interactions and then distill that data into insights used to better prioritize future backlogs. We’ll show how this data can be used to streamline a user’s experience in your software and increase the breadth of usage.

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