We each bring a set of social and emotional skills to the ways we show up and interact with others. Our ways of feeling, ways of relating, ways of getting work done are deeply influenced by our cultural values and preferences. And yet, our personal cultural values are often unexamined, leading us to make value judgments about the “right” way or the “wrong” way to communicate, resolve conflict, make decisions, etc.

For example, what’s your value around time? Is time a scarce resource? If so, starting a meeting when the clock says it’s time is the “right” way to behave. What if you see time as an unlimited resource? This value might lead you to believe that the “right” time to start a meeting is when everyone who needs to be there has arrived. Even the Agile Manifesto and Principles are steeped in a set of cultural values + preferences that privilege some behaviors over others.

Failing to recognize the diverse values and cultural preferences of colleagues usually leads to the harmful assumption that a difference in behavior is the result of a personal flaw, instead of recognizing it as a difference in social-emotional skills or cultural values. This reality plays out frequently as we try to make sense of agile adopters and agile resistors.

This workshop is for scrum masters, coaches, and leaders who coach humans, teams, and organizations towards more agile and authentic ways of being, collaborating, and delivering. We will explore a simple, yet profound, tool called Cultural Values Mapping, designed for individual and collaborative examination of the diverse cultural values and preferences that are always influencing the social and emotional skills we bring to work. Participants will have the opportunity to map their own cultural values + preferences and will explore practical coaching strategies for using the tool with teams and their leaders to open honest conversations about how we work together.

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