Cucumber sucks. Features are hard to write and constantly break when the UI changes. Step definitions are annoying to create and a freaking nightmare to maintain. And Cucumber suites take for-EVER to run, because you have to wait for a web browser.

Except... none of that is actually true.

After years of making awful messes with Cucumber, I finally found a way to use it that worked well, and a project I couldn't have done without it. I'd like to show you one way to use Cucumber that can be elegant, powerful, expressive, and—believe it or not—fast.

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A developer from sunny* Portland, Oregon, Sam's been working in code since 1998, doing TDD since 2004, slinging Ruby since 2006. He likes TDD/BDD/TATFT, pair programming, and refactoring—but finds that long walks on the beach tend to result in sandy keyboards. Sam co-hosts a tech and tech culture podcast at greaterthancode.com. * YMMV