A recent HBR article referenced a survey where leaders were found to be uncomfortable with employee conversations. To the tune of ~ 70%. These were simple conversations and not crucial or pivotal conversations. These were even harder for leaders to engage in. A second HBR article/survey on self-awareness showed that while over 85% of leaders felt they were self-aware, only 15% actually were.

Net-net, as leaders, we generally suck at communications and we don’t even know it. But never fear.

In this session, we’ll do two things. First, we’ll share some useful tools and frameworks for your leadership conversational use. But more importantly, we’ll break up on a Dojo format and give you a chance to practice your conversations across a wide-variety of agile transformation scenarios. You can pick one of mine or come up with your own, but everyone will get the chance to refine their situational conversational skills.

Which are the very ones a successful agile adoption needs from you as you envision, engage, and guide your teams through the change.

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