Learn how and why to be a the facilitator of learning versus being a deliverer of content. The profession of education has come a long way since many of us have been in school. Teaching isn’t about teaching lessons. Teaching is about about facilitating student learning. Learning is done by the learner, only when they have capacity to learn, safety to risk and wrestle with with new concepts. We now know a lot more about the science of learning and teaching what works and what doesn’t. Techniques such as: Differentiation of instruction, Formative assessment, and the Gradual Release of Responsibility are transforming classrooms and businesses today.
Learn how you can respond to student needs in the midst of their learning resulting in them learning what they really need to learn. Create authentic learning experiences, ones that really mean something to the learner not just classroom exercises but doing it for real. Come learn a professional agile consultant and trainer and his wife a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and Instructional Coach

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