We were lucky when we started our agile transformation in 2008: there were no scaling frameworks yet.
So we needed to find out ourselves how the question of scaling can be solved fitting exactly our company’s culture and needs. We found, that scaling is very much about orchestrating operations. In the past we had a large, central project office. With the agile transformation we changed that. We created a small program & portfolio management function and distributed all operational management across the organization down into the cross-functional teams.

The results were exceeding or wildest hopes: one year into the journey our delivery delays were down to almost zero. Collaboration across the organization had significantly improved as we had started to truly co-own the promises we make to the customer. Planning has been a huge stress before. Now it is a constant flow of knowledge and decisions.

In this talk you will hear about what we did and why we did it. You will hear how we have structured and distributed our program and portfolio management across our very large (2000 people) organization. You will hear about the change in mindset we created. And you will hear about our journey through our lessons learned: how we gradually improved the new setup over 5 years – sorting out all the emerging phenomena we experienced – the good, the bad and the ugly.

To some extend we have found similar approaches as you can find in the scaling frameworks you hear about today. The big difference is, that this was **our** journey from the beginning. Starting from a mindset change and then inventing practices and structures following the mindset. In this talk you will also learn about how we successfully managed that aspect of the transformation.

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