One of the key tenets of agility is that we are always learning. But how does that fit in if we’re always working too? How do we bake in continuous learning without breaking the bank?

Too often learning is treated as a nice to have or even a luxury.
And when we do get to attend training, it usually happens in isolation, making it difficult to apply. The words ‘I’ve learnt that you’re doing it wrong’ seldom go down well with our teams 🤔

In the spirit of agility, many organizations set up communities of practice. But without a learning mindset, these can quickly become conversational catch-ups instead, or devolve into standard settings groups.

This is a hands-on session that takes an open look at the opportunities for creating a culture of continuous learning at a team or organization level, and the challenges we meet along the way.

A true learning community can’t be forced. But with a structured and brain-based approach to social learning, it can perhaps be ignited.

Whether you’re a new scrum master looking to chart your journey forward, or an experienced agile coach looking for an effective approach to build a community of practice, you’re sure to find something to add to your toolkit.

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