We all seem to love the term ‘continuous improvement’ – which is an honourable intention. But just because you are Agile/Lean doesn’t mean you will automatically improve! Even in Agile/Lean teams the reality is that, without the ‘right’ approach , continuous improvement can sometimes be hell on earth – e.g. to always be ‘not good enough’. In fact, some corporations, managers and teams have been known to use this phrase as an excuse for behaving badly, producing the opposite effect on team collaboration and culture than is intended (e.g. apathy).

So, how can an honorable intention like continuous improvement create a negative impact on teams and culture? If so – how do we avoid it? What are other ways of handling this need to consistently overcome challenges in an ever-changing industry? How does Agile handle these difficulties and is it any better?

Using fun games and exercises, interlaced with informative case study examples and eastern philosophy modeling this workshop reflects on what continuous improvement really feels like on the ground and explores how we might want to approach ‘getting better’ by looking at and drawing from other perspectives.

Come to this workshop and experience how a simple perspective change to the way you approach CI can help mitigate against difficulties and how even just applying one useful technique can really help in the real world.

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