Whether hot and messy or cold and hidden, conflict surrounds us as leaders. There are two common choices: become the arbitrator who breaks the tie, or throw up our hands in exasperation, deciding it’s the (self-organized) team’s problem. A third, more powerful approach is to become a skilled conflict facilitator. This hands-on workshop provides four interrelated systems intelligence tools and mindsets to help you prevent destructive conflict and encourage the creative kind: positive/negative ratio, deep democracy, the Conflict Dynamics model, and conflict protocols.

The relationship systems approach, from CRRGlobal, will be discussed and facilitated by two experienced agile + relationship systems coaches in this session. First laying a foundation with the team’s positive/negative behavioral ratio, to create a positive emotional bank account that helps people “assume positive intent” and strengthen resiliency. We then add an attitude for the leader called Deep Democracy, a systems approach to hearing all voices in a system. The heart of the approach is familiarity with the common constructive and destructive behaviors exhibited by people in conflict from the Conflict Dynamics model, a framework to think about how we get into conflict as a team. Do we take each other's perspective? Or, do we try to win the argument at all costs? There are a total 15 such behaviors, based on research into how people and teams really get into conflict. If I know these, I can talk to my team about them, have a discussion of what our "favorite" behaviors, then agree to work on eliminating or minimizing the destructive ones, whether passive or active. Finally, we add a behavioral structure -- Conflict Protocols -- to prepare teams for the heat of conflict. You will get practice with the Conflict Dynamics model and with Conflict Protocols in this session.

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I believe that Agile is an emergent response that helps us thrive in our ever-increasingly complex, changeable and interconnected world.  I am a passionate contributor to the discipline and profession of Agile Coaching and have trained thousands of agilists in the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to coach teams and organizations to get full benefits of Agile.  In 2010, I authored Coaching Agile Teams which is still a best seller years later. I share my thoughts and experience on AgileCoachingInstitute.com and CoachingAgileTeams.com, an important outlet for #WomeninAgile.