“Few implementations of Scrum achieve the hyper productive state for which Scrum was designed (5-10 times normal performance). Those that do all implement variations on XP (eXtreme Programming)” - Jeff Sutherland

Want to go fast? Really fast? Like 5x-10x times faster? Find out how Scrum + XP delivers on this.

The session will start with a lively and interactive exercise which will make it obvious why you need to complement Scrum with eXtreme Programming (XP) and what happens if you don't. The exercise is easily reproducible and you will be able to facilitate it in your own environment to help sell your engineering teams and management on the advantages of taking on these practices.

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Ron Quartel is the founder of FAST Agile (http://fast-agile.com) and FAST Forecasting. FAST Agile is an experiment in using Open Space Technology and Code Craftsmanship for cross-team collaboration in large scaled Agile projects. In his day job, Ron is an Extreme Programming Coach (XP Coach) and Agile software developer. Ron describes his calling as “creating harmony between business and development”. Read Ron’s twitter feed under the handle @agileAgitator and blog articles at http://blog.agileagitator.com.