Traditional approaches to portfolio prioritization based on annual planning cycles and a small number of executives making decisions behind closed doors create apathy and distrust, fail to leverage the wisdom of the organization and too often result in underfunded initiatives that fail to realize their goals. Simply put, traditional approaches to portfolio prioritization aren’t very Agile.

Inspired by the Agile Manifesto value of “Customer collaboration over Contract Negotiation”, this workshop presents a new approach to portfolio prioritization based on seven principles and four collaborative frameworks. The seven principles helps reframe _how_ to engage the act of portfolio prioritization while the collaborative frameworks provide the _tools_ for collaboration. This interactive workshop will briefly present the seven principles and then move to a thorough exploration and hands-on case study of the following frameworks:

1. _20/20 Vision_: A framework to help participants prioritize strategic objectives.
2. _Prune the Future_: A framework to create roadmaps and longer term plans aligned to strategic objectives.
3. _Participatory Budgeting_: Most organizations will generate more good ideas than can be funded. Participatory Budgeting is a process through which a group of stakeholders decides on, or contributes to, decisions made on the use of shared resources, such as portfolio budgets or development team capacity, resulting in fully funded initiatives.
4. _Investments by Horizon_: This frameworks helps portfolio teams in making choices that balance near-term objectives with long-term innovation.

Each participant will also be given a learning log and an ebook that provides further insight into how to leverage these frameworks.

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