One of the foundational professional coaching skills described by ICAgile in their certification track for Agile Coaching is _Presence_.

Says ICAgile, “being fully present as a coach is key to successful coaching. Methods for presence include building rapport, awareness of the environment, self- management and consciously preparing for coaching.”

While recently watching the Kominsky Method on Netflix, I saw Sandy Kominsky (an acting coach) describe Presence as “possibly feeling a little flakey, maybe a little uncomfortable” but “being the most important thing” he could teach. I immediately sat up in bed and said “he’s right!” and my wife looked at me like a crazy person. Come join me to experience this flakey, uncomfortable, yet most important thing I can teach you: being “totally present.”

In this talk hear Tim Meyers, an ICAgile certification track contributor, unpack the varying forms of Presence and offer a few ways to practice them.

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