Is your Agile transformation underperforming expectations? Are you frustrated with managers or stakeholders who just don’t get it? Come learn why different organizational cultures require dramatically different visions (and expectations) for an Agile transformation. My colleagues and I at the *Agile Coaching Institute* have been using the **Integral Agile Transformation Framework ™** for the past two years in the classroom, with organizational clients at all levels, and in general dialogue with the Agile community. As the publication of my book approaches, *Coaching the Agile Enterprise*, I am very excited to preview the many insights, revelations and new uses the framework has brought to life as we have applied it around the world. It is truly coming to life before our eyes. Come hear what we have learned, from coaches’ gaining insight into their organizational situations using the depth of the framework, to clients’ use of the many distinctions, to a structure for re-conceiving your Agile vision for the organization you are actually in (rather than the one you only imagine). This talk will help you see your situation with new eyes!

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