As a coach you may have heard something like *Release the outcome!*. In other words, as a coach you should distance yourself from project outcomes. Instead you *should* focus on helping others visualize and achieve outcomes that are important to *them*. But what if you are a ScrumMaster, manager, executive or in a similar position, where you have a vested interest in the outcome? How do you coach effectively with such a bias?

With win-win conversations you build mutual trust and respect while striving for win-win outcomes. You will unleash hidden latent ‘intelligent energy’ in yourself and others leading to sustainable high performance on your teams.

In this session you will learn the art of the ‘win-win conversation’ through hands-on practice. You will apply the model by having conversations on specific situations leading to fresh new insights into challenges you are facing right now. You can even take the techniques you learn home with you to improve conversations with your spouse, children and friends!

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