Have you ever felt your effectiveness as a coach was limited because emotions got in the way? Many of us miss out on valuable opportunities to initiate difficult conversations because of insufficient presence, empathy and compassion being available at that moment. Given all the rational challenges we face coaching in organizational change, being empathetic can be difficult.

In this hands-on workshop, you will get to practice on your own challenges when relating to individuals and systems. Learn how you may inadvertently introduce conflict. Increase your resource when engaging with people in hard situations with new options.

You will be guided through a process of increasing awareness and understanding. We will give you an opportunity to improve your ability of using compassion to increase effectiveness. You will also have an opportunity to learn what blocks you have and to start moving them.

This experience provides a perspective where you can acknowledge and appreciate a system for what it is, and what it wants for itself. Join us to learn how to let go of what you want for the system so that you stop inadvertently creating resistance thus increasing results.

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