Why does does listening matter? Are you planning on becoming a better listener this year?

When we don’t listen well, we don’t learn well. When we don’t ask well, we may get a response that is not free from the influence of our question. But, when we deliberately listen with the intent to discover, we maximize our learning and the thinking of the person we are listening to. We need this skill to make sure we’ve maximized our collective creativity, and the face-to-face interactions that we have. After a brief lesson on Clean Language questions, as well as a warm-up discovery exercise and demo, you will spend the majority of the session practicing the basic questions in small pairs and small groups. I’ll talk a bit about the brain as well as about the possibilities of metaphor for bridging gaps in our mental models. Towards the end, I’ll share the history, influences and current uses of Clean Language. We’ll wrap up with Q&A and takeaways – including your own resource sheet for further study.

If you want to be a better listener, enabling others to think at their best, come to this session to learn how to use Clean Language questions. You will leave energized knowing you’ll get more from all your interactions.

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