Everybody loves to play games, so we have created five games that quickly teach the basics of being an Agile Coach. In “Flash Card Coaching,” you will witness the power of powerful questions and the value of coaching by using only a deck of 24 powerful questions to silently coach a fellow attendee from “what’s on your mind” do “what will you do next and when will you do it?”

There are three categorization games where you will work together in small groups to sort cards into categories and then turn them over to get feedback on how you did. The first game has you sort questions into powerful or not, the second into different kinds of advice giving or advocating, and the third into coaching, mentoring, teaching, or facilitating.

Finally, there are two “Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure” games. These are just like the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” games. You are presented with a scenario and multiple choices. Each choice may either lead further down the path to a successful coaching outcome or end up with an unhappy coachee. Each unhappy ending comes with an explanation and you can always back up and try again.

All of the games are freely downloadable for your future use.

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