Exceptional restaurants are built on a team spirit of collaboration, experimentation, and extreme customer focus; which makes them Agile. Surprising, right? 
I’ve been observing how the teams from the best places where you can eat run their businesses. I’ve been visiting many Michelin star restaurants and other exceptionally rated places across the world to see how they work, how they collaborate and to try to understand what makes them so exceptional. They all are built around exceptional teams that focus on collaboration and cross-functionality. They experiment and invest in the growth of their people. There are similarities on how we work as Agile teams and how these teams work in the best restaurants in the world. We can learn a lot from those teams.

This session will introduce you to what it takes to work in a high-performing environment of a Michelin star rated restaurant and other exceptionally rated places across the world without requiring you to travel, wait until late night to get a reservation and last but not the least paying for the bill. I can’t share the taste of the food, but I can share my observations, photos, videos and insights from the people I’ve been speaking with. The food is always awesome, but the way these places work is often even more exciting. I believe that there are some things that these teams do well that you can use in your non-restaurant workplace.

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