Test Driven Development or TDD is one of the most well known and used practice of eXtreme Programming (XP) family. As its widely known, TDD is all about writing test code before writing production code followed by re-factoring if required.

However, TDD is not just about writing unit test code to find coding bugs, but can also be used as a powerful technique of exploiting the problems for writing better code.

The proposed workshop intends to demonstrate how __TDD__ can also be used as a powerful problem solving technique. This workshop is all about changing the mindset to consider TDD beyond unit tests.

The proposed workshop shall be done in the form of a “Innovation Games” exercise which provides a visual reference to problem solving technique(with and without TDD).

Workshop Modalities :

The workshop activities shall be done using “LEGO” and “Paper Drawings”. Participants don’t need to bring their laptops for the same.
People will have to work on activities in a team (4 – 8 person).
A brief coding session which will directly reflect the activities done with “LEGO” prior to that (Shall be done by presenter himself).

The tentative workshop outline is as proposed below

– Learning : A background of eXtreme Programming : ~ 10 Minutes
– Learning : TDD and a 4-Step guide of TDD : ~ 5 Mins
– Workshop Activity : Solving a problem – Using non-TDD approach ~ 10 Minutes
– Workshop Activity : Solving a problem – Using 4 Steps of TDD ~ 10 Minutes
– Demonstration : (By Presenter) via online coding (both TDD and non-TDD ways) : Programming Language will be (Python / JavaScript) ~ 5 Minutes
– Learning: Fakes, Mocks, Doubles, Stubs & Dummies ~ 20 Minutes
– Workshop Activity : Using Fakes Vs Mocks ~ 10 Minutes
– Q & A

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