“They are resisting.” “This shouldn’t take so long.” “We must hold them accountable to new behaviors.” These are complaints I have heard from people working on Agile transformations.

It is true that change often happens more slowly than we’d like. Most organizations have built up processes, organizational structures, and formal and informal incentives that are designed for stability, not flexibility and change. Training and coaching won’t overcome this organizational gravity. Sanctions and other forms of pushing also don’t help, and certainly aren’t truly leadership.

What does work is Change Artistry–skills and judgement to know when and what to nudge to lessen the tug of gravity and allow new practices to take hold. When it comes to leading organizational change, these are my Change Artist Super Powers: Curiosity, Observation, and Experimentation.

In this session, I’ll explore the power of curious questions to reveal dynamics, interactions, and habits that hold the current pattern in place. I’ll discuss the how and what of observation, and how to make sense of what you see. I’ll share a template for experimentation–micro changes–that will help you lead the way to big changes.

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