When corporations undergo large-scale Agile transformations, they often turn to outside consultants to lead the planning and training, with some follow-up coaching. Reasons for doing so typically include a lack of in-house Agile expertise and/or availability of in-house Agile Coaches. In either of these scenarios, there will be a lack of continuity after outside consultants complete their engagement.

Doug, who developed and delivered the training, will explore how a small and only partially dedicated internal team was able to successfully deliver an Agile transformation program from the ground up. With a small group he created all the necessary materials and delivered a customized large-scale transformation to a division of 500 people forming over 50 new Agile teams supporting hundreds of customers in just a few months’ time.

The Agile transformation included creation of all training materials, leadership alignments, reorganization of teams, physical realignments (seating), and delivery of training in a limited physical space. It also included ongoing coaching and training to ensure success.

Doug will present summarized success and failure points during the transformation while providing a roadmap that can be followed by others looking to undertake an in-house Agile transformation.

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