Think about one of your mobile apps… How often do you publish updates to it?

A couple of times per year? Quarterly? Monthly, bi-weekly? Every day? Multiple times per day?
No!! That’s crazy, right?

Or is it?

Continuous delivery has traditionally been practiced and discussed within the context of web application development, and there are a number of challenges with taking a similar approach to mobile app development. In this talk, we want to inspire, encourage and help you to release more often. We review challenges and barriers, and discuss why some of them no longer apply in 2018. We’ll show you how you can setup a continuous delivery pipeline in the cloud without having to provision and maintain Mac-based CI servers or manage large device testing labs. There are several great cloud providers out there, and this talk will review a few of them like AWS, BuddyBuild, Bitrise, Firebase including our own: Visual Studio App Center.

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