Why and when does a (senior) leadership team truly become a team? How can leaders collaborate and experience the great feeling of having an engaging purpose together? In other words, how can senior leadership both be and work Agile themselves? We think that this transformation of leadership is essential for an enterprise to be Agile.

For the past five years ING leadership has been transforming to Agile practicing it every day. And a room is playing a crucial role in this…

We will transform our conference room into a real life example and show you, hands-on, how we use it and how you can too. We will share our principles which are rooted in deep beliefs about Agile Leadership. Also our Leadership Way of Working and the techniques used daily.

The principles, way of working and techniques are all still evolving today. So we will also share our story of the transformation of the entire ING Wholesale Banking Services organization. This is an organization with more than 130 DevOps and Leadership teams around the globe. We will share with you our struggles, learnings and successes.

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