Have you ever had a moment where the thoughts in your head feel like a scene from Game of Thrones? Or the Civil War reenacted? Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, fighting with the voices in our head between right or wrong , good or bad , worthy or unworthy. You may even be experiencing indecision, insecurity and mental exhaustion at this convention.
Could you imagine a world where all of those voices get along? Or at least they were willing to be kinder and more loving while still disagreeing? Come and spend some time inside your mind and your body. Learn how the two can walk peacefully and harmoniously hand in hand. Discover how physical pain can be created from negative thought patterns and unresourceful inner dialogue. Experience being grounded thru breathing and visualization exercises. Explore your inner workings thru an extremely simple and effective practice that assists in harmonizing opposing parts in your mind. All exercises can be done in your normal attire, no comfy clothes required. With this in mind, we will stimulate you and get your energy flowing by finishing the session with revitalizing Qi Gong movements. Allowing you to move through the rest of your conference journey in peaceful, patient and present style.
Upon exiting, you will have gained resourceful, easy to use tools and strategies honoring the wisdom of your body, calming the storm in your mind, and balancing your life from the inside out.

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