Why should I see & hear this talk:

In a lot of seemingly agile environments software still does not get shipped very often. Teams work hard and create an increment usually within two weeks, still it gets stuck and does not get shipped and deployed to production. This is a big problem in software development. Why does that happen? How do we fix this problem? Implementing DevOps can help you ship more often by closer communication and collaboration between Development Teams and Support Teams. Close coordination and experimentation between these teams helps in faster recovery and faster delivery. That is why it seems, Forrester Research states that the 2018 was the “Year of Enterprise DevOps” and now more than 50% companies globally are applying DevOps.

What to expect from this talk

DevOps can work even at Enterprise Level if practiced correctly. I will talk about this, in a highly interactive and engaging environment, on how we dealt with this situation in a Case study from Leading Insurance FORTUNE 30 company when we were stuck and not to release, by applying Devops concepts of automation, lean, communication, and exploration- CI (continuous Integration)& CD (Continuous Delivery) we were able to solve the problem. When introducing DevOps here is how you can face challenges. With one challenge being that DevOps is not only about tools such as Maven, Docker, Containers, Micro services but a lot about ‘ silo mindset’. It is about bringing culture change that can help. Applying DevOps technique will help release faster,have fewer defects and frequent releases. In this highly engaging and interactive Case Study we learn concepts of DevOps, followed by an Exercise in which we play a Game:The DevOps Game- The Phoenix Project from Sogeti- to demonstrate the success that DevOps can bring to collaborative teams, and finally a Debrief session to answer questions in a Q&A time box that audience might have- we will highlight the benefits of applying DevOps.

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