Agile is about helping businesses and people embrace change and complexity. An agile business implementation can also be one of the most difficult cultural changes an organization will experience. Connecting how a business can gain value from an agile implementation is important to the implementation’s success. Want to be a key change agent and ready to prepare your organization to inspect and adapt quickly?

This session is focused on those looking to take agile principles beyond software development. If you are an internal agile champion looking to expand the agile footprint within your business or new to agile and just beginning your transformation you will come away with key take away items to get you moving down the right path.

We’ll focus on:
– Understanding the principles behind the manifesto
– The cadence of a non-software specific initiative and how to make sense of it for all parts of your business
– Knowing when agile principles can help on large initiatives as well as growing and managing strategy for a business
– Taking a value based approach to planning
– Inspecting and adapting quickly

We’ll show techniques for taking a value based planning approach to deliver improved results for your business. This session will include a workshop to develop a value based backlog for a problem your business is currently facing.

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