The security of a system or application is the team's responsibility...not just the security professional assigned to the project. How does an agile team address the security of our system or application as a collaborative unit?

Through the lens of Scrum team members, we will examine the roles and responsibilities of individual team members to enable producing a secure product.

Developers, testers and systems engineers all have specific obligations regarding the security of their product, but must bring those to bear in a collaborative fashion. We will take each of these roles individually and focus on how their individual skillsets coalesce together to build a secure system.

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Judy Neher is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and agile coach, passionately transforming software teams from traditional development practices to agile practices. Judy has had over 29 years of experience with the Federal Government (hence her keen interest in agile security!) as a mathematician, computer scientist, and traditional software manager, ultimately embracing agile practices as an agile coach, trainer and leader in 2001. Additionally, she has lent her experience to many major commercial organizations where she has had the privilege of helping shape major agile transformations. Judy is President/CEO of Celerity Consulting, a small woman-owned agile training and coaching firm based in Indiana. She holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as a MS in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University. When Judy isn't sharing her Scrum passion with teams, she is enjoying the company of her large family, including her husband Chris, and their children. As a family, they enjoy boating, running, traveling, and big family dinners.