We’re often led to believe that a repeatable process and engineering talent are all it takes to ensure product success. If only it were that easy. All too often our focus on making progress and being more efficient leads us to simply “Build the Wrong Thing Faster.”

In this talk, Anne Steiner shares the story of two product development efforts that were wildly successful in terms of delivery but were failures in the market. Hear how a video on demand service that could stream TV and movies to your home back when Netflix was still mailing DVDs failed. Learn how a SaaS application that allowed you to deploy a virtual server infrastructure in minutes also failed. Anne discusses the ups and downs of these products and how delivery remained king even after market challenges were revealed.

Then, through a positive example, she’ll share strategies for avoiding this trap by putting product learning ahead of (or at least equal to) delivery. You’ll learn how product-first thinking led to earlier learning, validation, and ultimately, market success.

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