Globally women in IT are a minority and there is a focus to improve gender diversity at workplace. IT departments practicing agile are no exception to this. So, does agile help when your voice is one of the minority? What does the new momentum towards digital initiatives mean for women in Agile? This talk is my attempt to explore answers to these questions based on the experiences that I had over my 10-year journey as a woman agile practitioner in India. The talk will address 3 key problems across timezone, forums and skills that I have seen more prominently faced by women working in agile teams. Addressing these problems helps to create an ecosystem which will aid not only women but overall teams to excel and thrive:
1. Timezone: Uneven distribution of women in teams due to time zone issues
2. Forums: Insufficient avenues for women to express their views
3. Skills: Adapting the skills of women for the core engineering roles
The lessons learnt will help you deal with your teams – especially women from your teams in a better manner.

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