Working on a regulated product requires certain goals to be met to satisfy regulated auditors along with balancing out achieving test coverage to release a high quality mobile software product. Testing mobile apps can be complex task but adding the goal of meeting regulations can be overwhelming.

Team members must work together to blend meeting regulations, understand user experience tests based on priorities and severity levels to allow for iterative sprints. Testers and Developers need to communicate the inter-dependencies and include prioritized user stories based on severity levels which will help to achieve that high level of test coverage and avoid high risks.

How a tester works with their project team will be key achieving agility in these software projects. Jean Ann will present techniques to inspire project teams to develop what will work best for their company culture.

This session will cover:
1. Mobile App project teams must establish risk management and actionable mitigation tasks prior to each project release. Teams work to establish priorities and severities based on User stories. 5 min
2. Testers work with project team members to help develop test ideas based on the user stories and assigning those stories considering severity and priority. 5 min
3. Group exercise: Create test ideas of a mobile app based on a provided user story for a medical device. Think about severity and priority for users, for project team, for regulated auditors. 15 min
4. Testers & developers are tasked to build quality not only in the mobile app itself but also the inter-dependencies of a full system approach. 15 min
5. Group Exercise: Create a test where an inter-dependent condition could affect software behavior. 15 min
6. Testers provide responsive feedback on the user stories, the testing conducted while the mobile app is being developed through iterations and meeting regulations. 10 min
7. Questions 10 min

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