Agile approaches have downplayed the role of management. Too many people say, “We don’t need no stinkin’ managers.” On the contrary. We need managers to create and refine the agile culture and create leadership capability across the organization. Without a modern management mindset, any agile transformation dies a quick and ugly death. Instead, it’s time to invite managers to change their mindset to enhance an agile culture.

Agile managers value collaboration over resource efficiency and multitasking. They value autonomy over micromanagement. And, they value delivery over spreadsheet-based management.

These agile managers reject the contemporary myths of utilization and the indispensable employee. They reject the illusions that they can manage by spreadsheet or that time spent at work is a useful measure. They reject the traps of process standardization and that people don’t need to time to learn.

Learn to see and create management excellence for your agile culture.

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