The Build, Measure, Learn loop is at the center of the Lean Startup approach and has been a successful model across the Agile world at large. While the framework for collecting iterative feedback and the focus on building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) are great, the way most companies implement Build, Measure, Learn isn’t as effective as it could be. Here’s why: most companies still jump right in to building a skeleton version of a product, assuming that they can only get good feedback once they have something working to show users. However, there is much about the users and their needs that you can investigate far before you build even the simplest prototype or landing page. You can learn before you start building.
I will demonstrate this theory with examples from several client projects and provide tips for teams to infuse learning into their process as soon as possible.

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Amanda Stockwell is President of Stockwell Strategy, a UX research practice focused on lean research methods and integrating user knowledge with business goals to create holistic product strategies for businesses large and small. She has focused most of the last decade focused on finding innovative ways to understand end users and embed that knowledge into overall process. She's lead teams that provide research, design, and UX strategy services and frequently writes and speaks about her experience. She has a human factors background and an engineering degree from Tufts. She has a human factors background and an engineering degree from Tufts University. Follow Amanda on Twitter at @MandaLaceyS