Social Emotional Learning (SEL) encompasses a number of techniques that help individuals understand and manage emotions, set goals, establish positive relationships and make good decisions. Over the last two decades, SEL techniques have been implemented in schools around the world to educate the ‘whole child’ ensuring that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Follow up studies have demonstrated that SEL works – not only are students experiencing dramatic academic achievement but behaviors and dropout rates also continue to be favorable. What’s so special about SEL techniques and is there an opportunity to introduce them to our agile teams and into our agile learning ecosystems? This is what this workshop intends to explore.

In this workshop, participants will take a journey through the limbic part of the brain, the part that processes emotion. We will then take an in-depth look into SEL competencies (Self Awareness, Self Management, Decision Making, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness) and will provide mini exercises to demonstrate the power of SEL. Participants will be provided with a number of take-away activities that they can adapt to their respective learning environments and ecosystems.

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