Why don’t we set people up for learning success? From corporate seminars to elementary school classes, learning is broken into waterfall like segments which students complete without an understanding of the big picture, or why it is important. Students may be tested multiple times during a course, but their success or failure is not a closed loop system to improve the curriculum. What if a failing student was a signal that they needed to learn a different way? This session will demonstrate that everyone learns differently, and it is important to break down the curriculum and adapt to make learning easy and fun for everyone!

This session will focus on two themes: Breaking the learning curriculum down into smaller sections to solicit honest feedback, and adapting the curriculum to embrace the fact the people learn differently. We will explore why learning is difficult for some people, and what can be done to help each person learn their best. We will experiment with creating learning games and how to modify them to make learning fun and easy for all types of students. After several examples, attendees will be challenged to consider real life examples of topics they hope to teach, and practice developing learning games to help their students learn more effectively. If you would like to find better ways than lecture and textbook learning, this is the session for you!

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