Skills sharing, collaboration and cross-silo communication, necessary for Agile projects, can be difficult in matrix organisations where common business practices may be shared across multiple business units. Organisations that strive for continuous improvement in these practices need a mechanism to identify, track and circulate the latest industry trends, techniques and tools. Additionally this mechanism should support the consistent management, and development, of common skills across the organisation.

This workshop will look at ways in which organisations can utilise informal ‘Communities of Practice’ (CoP) as a means of improving overall communication between business and technical functions. CoP’s are informal, self-organising, & self-regulating groups of people who share a passion for something they do and regularly interact with each other as a means of continuous improvement. Through an interactive workshop, we will examine how organisations can;

* Provide a forum for the cooperation of activities (outside of projects) between business functions;
* Identify linkages & opportunities to collaborate on strategic business projects and coordinate the delivery of specific business practice projects;
* Provide an informal point of contact for organisational staff on topics that affect the business practice;
* Utilise Lean Coffee and other Agile practices for efficient and fun meetings.

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