Five years after scrum was introduced to Red Gate development teams, we’re still seeing value in continued investment in our agile & lean efforts. In fact, we’re now adopting these practices at the board level.

In this engaging session, Simon Galbraith, CEO of Red Gate Software, will share his agile & lean journey so far, describing the pains, the leaps of faith, the successes and the failures of Red Gate’s adoption of agile practices, as well as the direction in which he’s taking his team and where they’re heading next.

Don’t worry – he’s not here to sell or market. This is about sharing the amazing experience of creating and sustaining an agile culture from start-up to mature organization.

If there’s sufficient interest, he’ll also offer an unique opportunity to engage with participants on the challenges and benefits of agile which he faces as CEO of a multinational organization.

(This part was written by Simon Cromarty, our Head of Project Management, after discussing it extensively with Simon)

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