Agile Leadership has its unique flavour of natural leadership, when power is not given with a title but taken by a person based on his/her inner abilities. We use Servant Leadership or Powerless Leader to emphasise this difference. If we look deeper into the biology and neuroscience of leadership we might find really unexpected things – that Agile leaders are the ones that are recognised by nature and we unconsciously can select these people from the crowd. How to become this type of person?

To be an effective Agile leader we need to understand:
– What makes a leader: Leader-Leader Agile Model
– The difference between a leader and dominant behaviour, why leaders look younger and more active (on hormonal level)
– Hormones and neuroscience of a natural leader (with some cases and practice)
– Leadership differences and similarities of Scrum Master and Product Owner
– Simple (4 words) yet powerful mindset change to become a natural leader that people will follow

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