You put up your Big Visible Display. Maybe you even limited WIP, or argu^H^H^H^Htalked about limiting it. Something more was supposed to happen. Why didn’t more happen? If your Kanban implementation feels like this…

Phase 1: Collect underpants
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: Profit

… you’re not alone. The [Underpants Gnomes](http://southpark.cc.com/clips/151040/the-underpants-business) can be a scourge of Kanban. Fortunately, they don’t have to have the last word.

In this session, you’ll learn how to detect Underpants Gnomes in your organization’s Kanban process, and how to combat them. We’ll investigate three concrete solutions—by-the-book, and beyond—and fill your toolbox with simple, proven strategies for restarting your Kanban after it stalls.

You’re ready for the real Phase 2. Downsize the Underpants Gnomes and let’s get started!

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