Around the world organizations are looking for better ways to engage staff grow positive cultures. Agile looks at the team and individual level, but there is often a disconnect at an organizational level. Organizational democracy is a way to move beyond command and control cultures to more successful workplace relationships.

Come to this session if you are looking for new ideas in agile leadership. This session will challenge you to think beyond traditional fear-based control.

Organizational Democracy can help you deliver value to your company, team and customers. Agile provides a solid foundation, but it’s only a part of the equation.

At the centre of Organisational Democracy is freedom-centered leadership. Freedom-centered leadership encompasses the ideals of servant leadership, decentralisation and growing leaders at every level.

We’ll explore:
– what it means to be a democratic organization
– why there are now certified democratic organizations in 70 countries world-wide
– the benefits and challenges of being democratic
– how it can support Agile organizations.

Many of the 10 principles of Organizational Democracy align closely with the Agile Values and Principles. I will share how embracing the Agile values and principles in my own organisation led us to become a certified democratic organization.

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