When I started as a Business Analyst, I would obsess over every task that I learned. I submitted in depth requirement plans, created detailed meeting minutes, and clearly documented complex requirements. I was new to IT and I thought these tasks were a reflection of my value to the organization.

After a few years, I was placed on one of the few agile teams at my large company. Our first agile coach started challenging our team’s assumptions and teaching us a different approach to our work. It was exciting to me, but equally unsettling as I began to question my own worth. If no one needed my checklists and documentation, then what was I supposed to do?

Then I realized that *my value is not in the tasks that I do*.

In this session, I will share my journey of discovering how to provide real value as a business analyst on an agile team. For those BA’s struggling with how they fit into this new world, I will provide practical ideas for redefining the role of a business analyst as more than a requirements dictator. I will close by illustrating how BA’s, as well as the rest of the team, can reap the benefits of broadening their roles and striving to become generalizing specialists.

About the Speaker(s)

Several years ago, Diane traded a career in corporate America for a life of coaching and she has never looked back. She now uses her 13 years of experience to help groups, from Fortune 50 companies to the U.S. Government, transform their people into high-performing teams. Drawing from kanban, systems thinking and psychology, Diane teaches teams to practically apply an agile mindset, and in the process, find joy in their work again. Whether it’s creating story maps, holding retrospectives or navigating the challenges of working on a distributed team, she partners with the people closest to the work to uncover solutions to their pressing problems. Teams learn how to collaborate more effectively and experiment more frequently so they can deliver products and software their customers love. As a frequent conference presenter, Diane also enjoys connecting with others who share her passion for continuous learning. She co-chaired the Collaboration, Culture & Teams track for Agile 2014 and Agile 2015. For Agile 2016, she was the Program Chair for the Process at Scale program and returns for Agile 2017 as the People Program Chair. You can see where she’s speaking next here: http://greenjeansconsulting.com/. Her @AgileSquirrel alter ego makes her thoughts transparent at http://agilesquirrel.blogspot.com/.