Antifragile relationships provide the foundation & freedom for teams to benefit from conflict and be more successful!

Teams and organizations, at least successful ones, are based on relationships that “work.” People need to be free to collaborate and interact with others on their teams and in their organizations. We should be moving beyond strong relationships to antifragile relationships, which benefit from adversity! We will explore this concept by learning about and practicing a number of tools you can use with teams you are on or working with (scrum teams to leadership teams).

Help your team(s) move towards a space where they can thrive. Tap into practices to continue moving your relationships to a more antifragile position to improve your results and success. We will practice building a team alliance and plan for potential conflicts in advance. We will also explore a number of common issues contributing to toxic team situations as well as antidotes. Like agile, antifragile relationships is a journey and mindset. The ideas we will explore will first focus on ourselves, looking at what we can bring to the table and what we can do and be. Expect to work individually and with others in this interactive workshop.

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