Although Agile principles and prominent frameworks advocate co-location, the realities of today’s global business world often do not enable co-located teams. It would be a shame for organizations and teams to miss out on the power of Agility because of geographic circumstances. In many cases, organizations weigh the pros and cons of co-location vs. remote vs. blended configurations and determine that remote teams win the argument. ICAgile went through a similar dilemma earlier in its existence and chose the distributed model. Despite its challenges, it has brought us talent and an ability to interact with our global customers that a central office would not allow.

In this interactive session Shannon and Shane discuss their experiences working in a highly diverse, distributed, virtual organization which is founded on an Agile Mindset. The challenges of maintaining agility when remote, the ways the ICAgile team have consciously designed their team and organization culture and provide actionable advice based on real experience on how to maintain collaboration, teamwork and live the agile values in a remote only organization.

ICAgile is a global, virtual organization working with partners and members across over 100 countries spanning almost every timezone. The ICAgile team is spread across seven locations in three countries. We are a very diverse team with many different perspectives and viewpoints and have managed to build a strong collaborative culture and a truly safe working environment focused on outcomes rather than activities, holding each other to account and being really effective and productive while having a joyful workplace.

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