Are you excited about adopting Agile? Have you put in place the roles, artifacts, meetings, tools, lingo, and teams? Are you then realizing the promised benefits — happy customers, quality product, reliable delivery teams, faster releases?

Would you honestly answer “yes”? Or would your answer really be “only some of the benefits,” “inconsistently,” or “we did, initially”? If so, you’re not alone. In most organizations, these results are due to an Agile implementation that is mechanical, rigid, and driven by tools and so-called “best practices.” But Agile is much more than a process; it’s first and foremost a mind-set that permeates your actions. Without the mind-set, you cannot achieve *and sustain* great results.

In this talk, Gil Broza will guide you through the values, beliefs, and principles that define Agile thinking. You’ll learn how to choose Agile-minded methods, process, and practices for your needs and context. And with the deep understanding of what makes Agile work, you’ll be able to support mindful implementation and the necessary culture change.

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