In this session attendees will learn how to efectivelly write software requirements in a way that they can be used and understood by anyone (stakeholders, developers, testers, managers...) and, at the same time, can be executed to automatically test each developed functionality.

You will learn how to write users stories, narratives and scenarios and how to communicate them to all involved in the project. All scenarios will be executed automatically.

This session will involve participation from the public and all scenarios and automation will be done on-site by volunteers.

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an Agile process designed to keep focus on stakeholder’s value throughout the whole project. Premise of BDD is that requirement has to be written in a way that everyone understands it – business representative, analyst, developer, tester, manager etc. Key is to have unique set of artifacts understood and used by everyone. BDD story is written by the whole team and used as both requirements and executable test cases. It is a way to do Test Driven Development (TDD) with clarity that can not be accomplished with Unit Testing. It is a way to describe and test functionality in (almost) natural language.

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Viktor Farcic is a Senior Consultant at CloudBees. He coded using a plethora of languages starting with Pascal (yes, he is old), Basic (before it got Visual prefix), ASP (before it got .Net suffix), C, C++, Perl, Python, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, etc. He never worked with Fortran. His current favorites are **Scala** and **JavaScript** even though most of his office hours are spent with **Java**. His big passions are Microservices, Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) and Test-Driven Development. He often speaks at community gatherings and conferences. He wrote the "Test-Driven Java Development" book published by Packt Publishing. He is currently working a book called "The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit: Automating the Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Containerized Microservices".