Quality on mobile is a challenge! Developing mobile apps requires dealing with multiple platforms, OS versions, form-factors and resolutions, varying hardware capabilities and network conditions. At the same time, users have extremely high expectations for the mobile experience and will promptly punish with bad App Store reviews when disappointed. User expectations are set by fast-moving consumer apps such as Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps which deliver fast, responsive, quality apps with frequent release cycles.

Do you want to get started with automated testing (and perhaps BDD) while delivering on the technical challenges posed by mobile? This session is for you! The talk aims to inspire and empower attendees to start mobile test automation today — the time is right and the tools have matured.

We set the stage by discussing the challenges of mobile quality, and argue that automation is central in scaling QA and moving towards continuous delivery. Then we show you a way forward by providing an introduction to the most popular open-source mobile test automation tools out there suitable for use with the most popular devices. We have a love for BDD and in our demos, we show how to create executable specifications for mobile apps which act as cross-platform automated acceptance tests.

If time permits, we will very briefly show how one might tackle the device fragmentation problem using Xamarin Test Cloud, a cloud-based service that provides managed access to more than a thousand mobile devices for the purpose of mobile quality assurance.

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