Could the kinds of questions we ask ourselves and others help us become better collaborators, coaches, and impact our very quality of life? Can simply asking better questions improve everything we do? This highly interactive session questions our questioning and reveals valuable techniques for accessing hidden abilities within ourselves and others. You'll be guided through a series of interactive exercises to discover how to use questions that empower and motivate us to access our resourcefulness, re-frame limiting beliefs, and strengthen rapport. You’ll practice using the Precision Model to help you instantly identify five ways we commonly distort our understanding of a situation and use five challenge questions to gain clarity and improve communication. Applying this simple skill will help you achieve new insight into any problem or situation you encounter. You’ll also do an exercise to help you discover better questions that can lead to answers you may not have thought of otherwise, and you’ll identify a burning question you can ask yourself to motivate and drive you towards greater fulfillment. By the end of this workshop you’ll have practiced several techniques for using questions to marshal problem-solving resources and collaborate more effectively.

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David Bernstein has coached and trained more than 8,000 software developers from several Fortune 500 companies in the course of his 30-year career. His new book, Beyond Legacy Code: Nine Practices to Extend the Life (and Value) of Your Software (http://BeyondLegacyCode.com), covers the core technical practices for developing software. A longtime special consultant to IBM, David trained IBM software engineers around the world, giving them the skills to write the next generation of applications and operating-system software, and earning one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the history of IBM corporate education. He is the creator of a wholesale bank-accounting software program that has become the de facto standard across the globe, as well as econometric software used to invest trillions of dollars. Over the past five years, David has coached and trained thousands of developers at Microsoft, Boeing, Vanguard and dozens of other companies in Agile development practices. David is the founder of To Be Agile, a Registered Education Provider for the Scrum Alliance, and trains Certified Scrum Developers in Scrum and XP development practices. To see a list of pubic classes offered by To Be Agile, go to http://ToBeAgile.com/training. You can contact David Bernstein at (206) 792-9700 or visit http://ToBeAgile.com. David’s blog can be found at http://ToBeAgile.com/blog. You can follow David on Twitter under his account @ToBeAgile (http://www.twitter.com/ToBeAgile). - See more at: https://www.scrumalliance.org/community/profile/dbernstein#sthash.td91w4KW.dpuf