This workshop is based on my personal flavor of Ted Neward’s [Architectural Katas](https://archkatas.herokuapp.com/), with adds a focus on iterative design and use my [Architectural Tarot deck](https://www.dropbox.com/s/t67emyil3xj30k8/ArchiTarot.pdf?dl=0) and its use as a communication device to support it.

We run a short simulation on the development of an agile product:

In each of three 15 minutes iterations:
– Each iteration is about a product release
– Participants use the Tarot deck to discuss Quality Attributes trade-off, and then draw a quick High Level Solution diagram for this release
– As a Facilitator, I go around and review their solutions, telling them (invented) consequences after the release which affect the product plans (specially architectural challenges)

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